Food Vacuum Sealer Machine 220V 110V For Food Saver With Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine Home Electric Vacuum Sealer Packaging

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With Vacuum Bag: Yes

Type: Stand / Table

Power Source: Electric

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: GSCover-03

Function 9: Vacuum food sealer

Function 8: Vacuum sealer packaging machine

Function 7: Best vacuum sealer

Function 6: Automatic vacuum sealer machine

Function 5: Vacuum sealer machine

Function 4: Household food vacuum sealer

Function 3: Vacuum sealer 110V 220V

Function 2: Food vacuum sealer

Function 1: Vacuum food sealer

Function: Vacuum sealer

Certification: CE

Brand Name: White Dolphin

 Package Includes: Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine 

1 PC * Vacuum Sealer Machine
10 PC * Bags (Size : 5 pcs 12*20cm, 5pcs 20*25cm)
1 PC * Hose
1 PC * English User Manual

Operation Instruction: Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine 

How to ---Vacuum Seal/Seal only
1. Plug the power cord connector into the AC power connector of the machine
2. Place open end of the bag flatly on the machine’s bag clippers. Fig. 1
3. Press both side of the cover, a” click” sounds means it is fastened. Fig.2
4. Adapt the mode to proper state, dry food for dry mode and indicator light is blue, moisture food for moisture mode and indicator light is Green. Fig.3
5. Press Vacuum Seal Button, the device will vacuum ,seal and shut off automatically. Fig.4
6. When the sealing process is completed, press release Button at both sides, lift up the cover, remove the bag.

Vacuum Packing with Accessories(Optional)Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine 

1.Put food items and place lid on the canister or container.
2.Connect air extraction hole of the machine and canister with vacuum hose.
3. Make sure that there is no air leakage between the cover and he canister.
4. When the vacuum process is complete, remove hose.

ATTENTION: Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine 

1.Kindly attention the clips of the two sides of the black machine is black actually.

2. The machine couldn’t vacuum liquid packed in bags, could vacuum sealing wet food with little moisture.

For liquid, could put them in the container then vacuum.

3.The machine should be used with special bags with lines when vacuum sealing, for normal bags just could be sealed.

Specification: Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine 

Rated Voltage: AC100-240 V / 50 Hz~60Hz
Rated Power: 130W
Sealing length: 30cm(Max)
Size: 370*150*70mm
Vacuum Sealing Time: 5~9 S(The pumping time is proportional to the pumping volume)

Cleaning & Care: Free Bags Vacuum Packer Machine 

1.When the machine is not in use, close the lid but do not lock the latch.
2.Before cleaning the appliance, make sure the power is off. Wipe it with a damp cloth or wet paper.
After cleaning, ensure it is fully dry.
3.Do not put the machine in water or rinse it under the faucet.
4.Air dry the sealing sponge after cleaning. Do not place it under any pressure as this may change
the shape of the sponge and prevent it from further use.
5.If the appliance malfunctions, unplug it immediately and troubleshoot the cause.
6.Make sure the inside and outside of the appliance are completely dry before use.

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